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A novel and stories by Tomás Carrasquilla, Colombia’s first novelist, in translation for the first time. Stories by M L Clark of near-future worlds struggling with restorative justice. An alt-history of Soviet Russia, 1920s to 1950s, that looks for humanism in the hardest places. A space opera that re-imagines The Brothers Karamazov to answer justice questions for our time. A sci-fi mystery series with an A.I. detective unlike any you’ve seen before, ripped from future movies to serve in an alien theme park. 2023 is going to be one heck of a year for Sí, Hay Futuros.

Join the adventure through past and future worlds.

Translations bringing the past alive

Tomás Carrasquilla is the first author I’ve chosen to bring into conversation with Western lit. A turn-of-the-twentieth-century Colombian writer, known as the “Colombia’s first novelist”, his work is set in Antioquia, a very different region than the ones best known to the world through the works of Gabriel García Márquez.

Colombia’s literature is not all magical realist. There is a wealth of alternate realisms and challenging Spanish colonialist rhetoric that would absolutely change how many in the West see our own relationship to histories of injustice, if only we could read the work. I hope to contribute to that better end with these translations, framed for academic use as well as the average interested reader.

Speculative fiction for the histories ahead

My sense of the future has always been informed by the past, which is why I’ve dipped so often into the well of history when telling speculative stories. From my alt-history set in Soviet Russia from the 1920s on, to a space opera inspired by The Brothers Karamazov, and a smattering of sci-fi stories where the future is haunted by past human habits, my work is in conversation with a wide range of cyclical human experience over time.

Book cover for The Rifle, and Other Stories, a collection of Tomás Carrasquilla's short stories. Blurb text available on click-through.
Novel cover for Children of Doro, a space opera inspired by Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov. Blurb text available on click-through.
Novel cover for The Marquise of Yolombó, by Tomás Carrasquilla, a novel of costumbrismo set in 18th century Spanish-colonial Colombia. Blurb text available on click-through.
Book cover for A Tower for the Coming World, a collection of speculative fiction short stories by M L Clark. Blurb text available on click-through.
Novel cover for The Shadow and the Shadow, a series opening sci-fi mystery. Blurb text available on click-through.

Time is a flat and phenomenal circle

What’s old is new again, and the future is always about the now. Click through to each of these titles to learn more about the work, and where to find it.

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